Can I get a refund on an accidental purchase?

-Due to the electronic nature of our products, refunds are not offered.


If I miss my chance to use a discount code or grab items on sale, can I email you to claim?

-I am unable to extend sales beyond the time advertised. This assures that all customers are treated the same :)


Tell me more about the legal side and your terms of use for designs :)

All design file's are owned and copyright is held by MarmieBee. You are granted a single-user license to use the design files when you purchase or download designs from MarmieBee. You may not lend, give, share, or sell MarmieBee digital files to anyone else. You may stitch MarmieBee designs on finished projects for personal use, gifts, or for sale by your small business.

What you may NOT do with MarmieBee Files:

  1. Most importantly, You may not transfer MarmieBee files to any other person or group via email, sharing your login or in any fashion.
  2. You may not change, add to, delete parts of, or alter MarmieBee files and then call them your own.
  3. You may not use MarmieBee design files in mass production.
  4. You may not trace or copy MarmieBee designs and call them your own and/or sell it. Converting our artwork into a clipart, watercolor, or other image is strictly prohibited.
  5. Fonts may not be combined with other designs to be shared or resold in any form except as embroidered goods